Strengthening Your Back: Exercises

Why strengthen your back? Nothing more and nothing less than the back is the support of the body, and it is she who helps you move and maintain balance. But in order to fulfill its function, the back has to be strong. If you could see it in detail, you would realize that the back is composed of long, sturdy bones like the spine and powerful muscles that you should keep in shape. It is okay to worry about having a flat abdomen, but do not forget that a strong back is indispensable to be in good condition and not suffering from pain. The better the muscles that surround the spine work the greater the balance and stability that it provides the whole body

As if that were not enough, the back exercises can be done at home, it just takes a little space, a blanket or mat and looking forward to training.


Initial heating

To get back exercises is the best thing to relax smooth muscle groups and ease tensions in the area. One way, for example, is to lie on your back on the floor with your legs extended. It sucks air slowly through the nose and slowly expels through the mouth.

Side Rotations

Sitting, with a bar placed behind the neck and held by both hands at the ends. Make rotation on of the trunk to either side continuously, keeping the back straight. This exercise routine to strengthen your back:  Two series with rotation ones for 5 minutes in each series.

Declining Abdominal Curl with Deceleration

Sit on a declined bench, place both arms crisscrossed at your chest. Lower the trunk back to about 45 degrees, keeping it straight. R graduated to the position start ng. Routine to strengthen your back: 3 sets of 12-15 repetitions.

Back-Lumbar Stretch

Standing, he grabs with his left hand his right elbow and with his right hand his left elbow.  Bend your torso to the left and hold it for 10 seconds.  Then flex the trunk to the right and hold for another 10 seconds. At this point you will have completed a series. Fortalcer routine back: 3 sets of 10 seconds.

Lumbar Stretch

Standing. Bend the trunk forward without bending the knees.  Return to the starting position keeping your back straight. Routine to strengthen your back: 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

What better way to see more exercises to strengthen your back with one of the videos we found on youtube and luxury we come to practice them .

Swimming, pilates and yoga: the best sports for the back

To conclude today’s publication, we emphasize that if we want to find sports that are healthy and good for strengthening our backs, we find these three sports to improve back health (as long as there are no serious injuries). Swimming, is one of the most complete exercises . It increases muscle mass, it acquires greater concentration, coordination and resistance. It is beneficial for any age and strengthens muscles, which forces it to work against resistance to water.

On the other hand, pilates and yoga us help correct our positions and control the levels of stress and anxiety through breathing. Sports are also to  strengthen our bones preventing and improving osteoporosis.

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