This article could perfectly well be understood as the four virtues that every trainer who intends to live on it should have. We just have to turn the defects that are detailed. After 14 years working as a personal trainer, and living it, I have concluded that there are a number of flaws, unfortunately common; […]

Why strengthen your back? Nothing more and nothing less than the back is the support of the body, and it is she who helps you move and maintain balance. But in order to fulfill its function, the back has to be strong. If you could see it in detail, you would realize that the back […]

Tired of noticing that you have a weak and untrained ass?  Begin strengthening your buttocks with these exercises and get a gluteus of steel. With these simple exercises practiced about three times a week will be sufficient for you to begin to notice some interesting results. Strengthen buttocks: get it quickly Tired of noticing that […]