Summer Exercise: Practical advice

For many, summer is a time of rest synonymous, beach, sun and leisure. However, it is also a perfect season to regain lost habits and take care of health exercising in summer, yes, while enjoying the outdoors, good weather and water, great allies of sport.

Exercise in the summer to enjoy a healthy holiday

Summer is the ideal time to get in shape, because this season the days are longer, they most enjoy outdoor activities and there is a greater mood and attitude to exercise to get fit and lose weight.

Tips for Exercising in summer

Here’s a practical guide to summer exercise tips:

  • Increase the number of physical activities at sea and the pool, as water is an excellent way to strengthen our muscles and develop our lung capacity and cardiovascular:
  • Enhance swimming and make it the sport of the season. Some advantages: it helps to control blood pressure; it allows the development of most muscles of the body and strengthens the joint tissues, allowing to prevent possible injuries.
  • The pool is a great ally for the elderly, overweight, osteoporosis or early rehabilitation. It is a medium that allows to perform multiple exercises that have a low impact on the joints. In addition, body weight is reduced within the water, which favors mobility and elasticity.
  • Warm up with gentle exercises, stretching and joint movements.
  • Always end with a section dedicated to stretching to thereby reduce the risk of injury, improve our posture and reduce muscle pain possible.

One of the main aspects is taking care of the sun and high temperatures. High temperatures and ultraviolet rays can play against athletes if you do not have the following precautions:

  • To counteract its negative effects, it is advisable to reduce the number of hours and intensity of the exercise routine.
  • Although it is necessary to take advantage of the enclosures outdoors, it is advisable to avoid direct exposure to the sun and to give preference to places that have shade. The ideal is to exercise during the first hours of the day or the last.
  • The sportswear summer must be made of a material lightweight and breathable.
  • It is also essential to wear a cap, sunglasses and, always, sunscreen.
  • It is necessary to replace fluids regularly during sports. Also, it is recommended to cool the body with water to help decrease body temperature.

When you exercise in the sand of the beach:

  • As a general rule it is better to exercise in the hardest sand, the one left when the tide has dropped.
  • Do not run barefoot on the beach; it is best to do it with sneakers.
  • Exercise first thing in the morning, besides there will be less people that annoy you.
  • It’s good to always end up with a bath so that the fresh water relaxes and relieves your muscles.
  • It is advisable to exercise with a T-shirt

Finally, and like all year, it is important to accompany a good diet. As a special recommendation we suggest you try to avoid salt, spices and increase fluid intake before, during and after exercise, and of course, we recommend that the exercise routine carried out in summer is supervised by one personal trainer qualified, improvements will be infinitely better to do it on your own.